Q&A with Sara Mellor, Small Group Training Participant
Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Four years ago, Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) member Sara Mellor had started to gain weight. She would have told you she "wasn't a gym person" and that she had no idea how to use any gym equipment. Today, she participates in Small Group Training three days a week with CHF trainers Jason Bautista and Chris Bentajado and has conquered her goal of learning the proper way to lift a Costco size case of water bottles.
With her newfound strength, Sara lifts all of her household's heavy objects, including groceries and more, as her husband cannot lift heavy items due to health problems.
Q: What type of shape were you in before joining Small Group Training?
A: I had just retired and wanted to become active and get stronger, but I wasn't disciplined enough and had no idea where to start. I really needed a trainer standing by me telling me how to execute the exercises so I signed up for Small Group Training.
Q: What results have you seen in your health and has this benefited you in daily life?
A: I now have muscle in my arms, better balance (especially compared to my friends who don't work out) and can lift weights. When I purchase a 36-pack of water bottles at the store, I'm able to successfully lift it into my cart, and then into my car. I actually practiced putting the bottles in my car during my Small Group Training session.
Q: What's it like working out in Small Group Training?
A: The camaraderie is a big part of it! I often get together with others I've met at CHF and it's really a boost to your mental health overall. In class, you’re not being pressured to do more than you can do and the competition is purely with yourself. Soon you’ll be doing more than you were before.

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