Volunteer for Health

Your organization can play an important role in improving employee well-being and creating a healthy beach community. 

Volunteer for employee health.
Studies have shown volunteering leads to greater life satisfaction and lower rates of depression. Volunteering can also create a sense of accomplishment, help develop skills and foster social connectedness.

We share you care.
There are several partnership benefits BCHD extends to partners including project collaboration, partner recognition and more!

Be part of the community.
Customers recognize when businesses care. When your organization volunteers with BCHD, your time directly impacts the lives and health of the community.

Organizations can create a healthy beach community and become a partner in health in 3 easy steps:

  1. CONTACT US. Call Alejandra Sierra, Purpose & Engagement Coordinator, at 310-374-3426, ext. 8160 or Alejandra.Sierra@bchd.org, and she will set up a meeting for our organizations to connect.
  2. MEET WITH US. Our Director of Human Resources & Volunteer Services and Director of Communications will sit down with you to discuss how we can best partner to engage your employees in volunteer service.
  3. DEVELOP A PLAN. Once we meet, our Director of Human Resources & Volunteer Services will create a plan for your organization and how we will work together for employee volunteer efforts.