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Beach Cities Health District partners with the Hermosa Beach City School District, Manhattan Beach Unified School District and Redondo Beach Unified School District to deliver programs that measurably improve the health and well-being of students and families. While physical health in the Beach Cities continues to improve, there is a growing need in the student population to address mental health and well-being.

Beach Cities Health District is just one of more than 200 local partners in the Beach Cities Partnership for Youth that will be collaborating to achieve measurable outcomes in improving student mental health and well-being and reducing substance use. The Beach Cities Partnership for Youth is comprised of representatives from the following sectors:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Businesses
  • Media
  • Schools
  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Law enforcement
  • Civic and volunteer groups
  • Health care professionals
  • State, local or tribal agencies
  • Other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse
  • Religious or fraternal organizations

Since January 2017, Beach Cities Health District has convened five stakeholder groups to address student mental health and well-being:

Steering Committee: This group of community leaders will serve in an advisory capacity to guide the work of the Coalition and the Drug-Free Communities Grant.

  • Stacey Armato, Councilmember, City of Hermosa Beach
  • Jane Diehl, President, Beach Cities Health District Board of Directors 
  • Rachel Campbell, Campus Pastor, Flourishing Church, Hermosa Beach
  • Irene Gonzalez-Castillo, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
  • Jennifer Cochran, Clerk, Board of Trustees, Manhattan Beach Unified School District
  • Kevin Cody, Publisher, Easy Reader
  • Moe Gelbart, PhD, Executive Director, Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol & Drug Treatment, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Sylvia Gluck, Director of Administrative Services, Hermosa Beach City School District
  • John Gran, President, Redondo Beach Kiwanis
  • Joan Stein Jenkins, Director, Beach Cities Juvenile Diversion Project
  • Keith Kauffman, Chief, Redondo Beach Police Department
  • Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, Professor and Chief, UCLA Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Paul LeBaron, Chief, Hermosa Beach Police Department
  • Stephen McCall, Board President, Hermosa Beach City School District
  • Laura McIntire, Founder, South Bay Families Connected
  • Hildy Stern, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Manhattan Beach
  • Kelly Stroman, CEO, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Anthony Taranto, EdD, Executive Director of Student Services, Redondo Beach Unified School District
  • Gary Tsai, MD, Medical Director and Science Officer, Substance Abuse Prevention & Control, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
  • Angela Wilson, LMFT, Director of Mental Health Programs, South Bay Children’s Health Center

*Student Representative to be appointed with Youth Advisory Council 2021-22

The Community Action Plan for Student Mental Health & Substance Use Prevention outlines key programs, partnerships and policies that are addressing these key health indicators. BCHD is just one of more than 200 local partners in the Beach Cities Partnership for Youth Coalition that are collaborating to achieve measurable outcomes.

Goals of the Community Action Plan

  • Decrease prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in teens
  • Decrease stress and bullying and improve social-emotional well-being of youth
  • Increase number of parents having conversations with their children about alcohol and drugs, social media, mental health and bullying
Red Ribbon Week

Beach Cities Health District and the Beach Cities Partnership for Youth Coalition are raising awareness about prevention of youth substance use during Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October and Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 23-31.

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