Public Transformation
Request for Qualifications + Proposals



  • RFQ: Strategic Planning Services
  • RFP: Janitorial Services
  • RFQ: allcove Beach Cities youth wellness center
  • RFQ: Healthy Living Campus RCFE Building Development
  • RFQP: Health-Related Support Services Agency Service Contract
  • RFQP: Construction Manager Consultant 
  • RFP: Janitorial Services 
  • RFQ: Compensation Evaluation Services
  • RFQ: PACE Program Development
  • RFQ: Aquatics Consultant Services
  • RFQ: Healthy Living Campus Project – Bike Path, EIR Support and Bridging Documents Architectural Services Consultant
  • RFQ: Strategic Consulting Services
  • RFQ: Certified Public Accountant Auditor
  • RFQ: Environmental Impact Report Consultant for The Healthy Living Campus Master Plan
  • RFQ: Center for Health and Fitness - Fitness Equipment 
  • RFQ: Healthy Living Campus Real Property Appraisal Consultant
  • RFP: Information Services Management
  • RFQ: Health-Related Support Services Agency Service Contract
  • RFQ: Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) and/or Pension Trust Fund Investment Management Services
  • RFQ: Healthy Living Campus: Housing Operator Consultant 
  • RFQ: Healthy Living Campus Projects: Financial Services Consultant 
  • RFQ: Cafe: Cafe Operator 514 N Prospect Ave
  • RFQ: Senior Living Project: Architectural Services
  • RFQ: Healthy Living Community for Older Adults: Public Outreach & Community Relations Consultant
  • RFQ: Construction Cost Estimating & Master Schedule Consultant
  • RFQ: Communications: Printing & Mailing Services
  • RFQ: Senior Living Project: Civil Engineering Consultant
  • RFQ: Senior Living Project: Geotechnical Consultant
  • RFQ: Senior Living Project: Market Demand Study Consultant