Jane Harris the Overcomer
Monday, September 23, 2019

A hip fracture, osteoporosis, arthritis and asthma, among a variety of other ailments, have not stopped 20-year Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) member Jane Harris from completing her workouts. At age 74, the Redondo Beach resident works out with Medical Exercise Specialist and Trainer Annelise Tripp three days a week in order to gain weight, balance and strength.

A former marathon runner, Harris began coming to CHF more than 20 years ago as a way to balance her high blood pressure and the stressors of her job as a local principal. She recalls taking a variety of classes back then including, body sculpt, aerobics and cycling.

Unfortunately, she then endured a hip fracture and hip replacement surgery that greatly set her heath back. She became underweight and was directed by her doctor that she needed to get a trainer. With her extensive medical history, including being a breast cancer survivor, Harris was matched with Tripp in November.

 “We are a perfect match and my confidence is higher now because I train with Annelise,” explained Harris. “I’m very grateful to her and she’s made a big difference in my life.”

Now, Harris don’t even think about getting in and out of the car, which she used to struggle with. She’s enjoying retired life and also practicing yoga and walking with her husband a few days a week.

“Though I still have to be careful of falling due to my osteoporosis, my balance has greatly increased, I’m approaching a healthy weight and feeling stronger,” Harris grinned.

In fact, the first thing Harris does when she gets home after her workouts is eat because she’s worked up such an appetite!

Sometimes on her own, Harris brings out the old tattered piece of paper that Annelise wrote her exercise routine on and begins to follow it line by line.  

 “I asked Annelise once how old her oldest client is and she said 80,” Harris stated. “I see that for myself, I plan to come to Annelise for as long as she’s here.  As disciplined as I am, it’s much harder to do this on your own.”