Finding a Fit to Get Fit
Thursday, January 31, 2019

Center for Health & Fitness member Linda Rummler exercises seven days a week and despite the onset of diabetes, describes herself as the healthiest she’s been in her entire life.

You’d never guess that South Redondo Beach resident Linda Rummler is on the verge of turning 70. Her youthful glow and toned body belie her age – a testament to her fervid commitment to exercise. But, believe it or not, finding a fitness center and regimen that “fit” wasn’t easy for Linda. She bounced around various gyms in the past but struggled to find a place that offered the welcoming environment and flexibility she desired. Further complicating matters at the time were the demands of her teaching career and her growing dissatisfaction with her clothing size.

But then came a wake-up call. Roughly 10 years ago, Linda was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The difficult news motivated her to become an active member at Beach Cities Health District’s Center for Health & Fitness (CHF), where she managed to drop 20 pounds.

And Linda hasn’t looked back since.

Now retired, she works out six days a week at the community fitness center. Her efforts focus on lots of cardio, weight lifting, a weekly cycling class, small group training and regular massages to help with recovery and muscle fatigue. Once a week she succumbs to a “rest day” and plays golf.

“Once I set myself to do something, I am going to do it,” says Linda with a smile.

Most recently, Linda’s grit manifested itself as she successfully completed a grueling 16-minute planking exercise, now rumored to be the longest ever performed by a CHF member.

Despite being 70 with diabetes, Linda says she is in the best health of her life. She’s off all medication, can keep up with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and has the physical stamina to hike, bike and kayak around the world.

However, with everything she’s achieved, Linda enjoys the small things in life, like being able to walk to her workouts and having great conversation with the person on the treadmill next to hers.

“I just fit in with this group,” says Linda, describing the connection she feels with the CHF trainers and members.

It’s this sense of belonging and warmth that has kept Linda coming back all these years. But most of all, it’s why she can celebrate good health today.