Volunteer Core Value Award Recipients
Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BCHD is fortunate to have a number of volunteers who go above and beyond their volunteer work to truly help us excel in our programs and services. To recognize these individuals, Volunteer Services created the Core Value awards to honor volunteers who truly embody our core values of Accountability, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence. Below are the 2016 Core Value Award Recipients, who received their awards at the Volunteer Recognition Brunch: 


Alexis Davidson, Campus Greeter, Conversation Companion, Emergency Preparedness Volunteer

Core Value Award: Compassion

Alexis demonstrates compassion through great perspective-taking abilities in all her volunteer positons. She’s empathetic and intuitive towards others and their feelings. In the front lobby, she is attentive to visitors and is eager to help them. One of the greatest gifts a Conversation Companion can give is visiting and listening nonjudgmentally to their client through active-listening. As a Conversation Companion, Alexis’s clients greatly enjoy her company and express their gratitude and their delight with visits from Alexis.


David Guzman, Conversation Companion, MoveWell Volunteer, Emergency Preparedness Volunteer

Core Value Award: Integrity

David embodies integrity because he is accepting, nonjudgmental and flexible. He does the same great work no matter the client. David is also a great example of some of the special positive relationships that younger, dedicated volunteers create with our older adult clients. He believes in BCHD’s mission for serving older adults which inspired him to consider social work as a career path. He really enjoys helping others and being of service, which his clients and their families are very thankful for.


George Nagata, Event Volunteer Photographer

Core Value Award: Accountability

If you have attended one of BCHD’s community events, chances are your photo was snapped by George! George is always willing to help with a smile on his face no matter what day or time of the event. George recently took pictures of our BCHD booth at the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k and made the photos available online the next day to staff and participants. George is an avid CHF member and embraces all of the core values. He is dependable and reliable, serving as a great ambassador of BCHD.


Rebecca Moore, Beryl Heights Elementary School Garden Docent, Nutrition Docent, Walking School Bus

Core Value Award: Excellence

Rebecca takes her volunteer work to heart, always doing more than what is asked of her. She ensures that all classes are taught each lesson, even if she taught them herself. Her cheery disposition and generous spirit goes a long way with students, parents, teachers, and fellow docents. She independently contributed to garden improvements by applying for grants and organizing parent work days. She is incredibly organized, checks that tasks are thoroughly complete and on time - all with a smile on her face.


Ally Doyle, AdventurePlex Volunteer

Core Value Award: Excellence

Ally is very organized and always willing to help, whether in the Adventure Room for the big kids or in Toddler Town for the little ones. Ally comes in with a cheerful spirit and always lends a helping hand, not only to staff but to customers as well. She does an exceptional job and takes the time to interact with parents and children. She demonstrates amazing patience and care with customers and those working alongside her. She creates the happy environment AdventurePlex strives for.