Tips on Getting Back to the Gym
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Are you looking to re-start your fitness? After a year of being in a pandemic lockdown, Los Angeles County has now moved into the Yellow Tier of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy and gyms and fitness studios have started to reopen. Like many others, you might now be wondering how to get moving again after living on the couch for over a year. Well, Beach Cities Health District’s Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) is here to help.

In celebration of National Senior Health & Fitness Week, CHF will be offering free virtual workshops and activities to help you get back into your fitness routine. The events are open to everyone (all ages) and aim to encourage participants to get their muscles moving again in a safe way.

In addition to participating in CHF’s National Senior Health & Fitness Week, check out these tips on getting back into fitness from CHF’s Medical Exercise Specialists and Personal Trainers, Jason Bautista and Brian Fuentes.

  1. Stretching

Jason: Creating a stretch routine (even on your non-workout days) can help increase and maintain mobility and flexibility, as well as range of motion. Stretching can also reduce the risk of injuries like sprains and strains and help muscles repair faster after working out. Visit our YouTube Channel for tips on stretching.

  1. Listen to your body

Brian: Starting slow can help you get on track. The focus should not be on how much weight you are able to move or how many reps you can complete. Instead, your focus should be on ensuring you are completing your exercises with proper form. Over time, you can safely build up to doing more. Don’t feel discouraged if you are not able to do the same things you were able to do prior to COVID-19. Listening to your body also includes resting to allow time for recovery. Overdoing it and not resting are recipes for injury.

  1. Safety

Jason: Safety is a priority. Following all safety guidelines at the gym can make it a safer place for everyone to workout. Remember, you are not the only one that must wear a face mask and physical distance, so do your part in being safe. There are also many gyms, including CHF, that have virtual options if you are not ready for in-person workouts just yet. For more information on CHF’s virtual classes, please visit and visit to learn more about the precautions CHF is currently taking to keep its members safe.

  1. Do not feel intimidated

Brian: If you are unsure where to start your fitness journey, many gyms have resources you can use. For example, some gyms have personal trainers that can help you with a tailored workout plan to achieve your goals. Another option is having a workout partner that can hold you accountable. Check out CHF’s Personal Training at

  1. Trust the process

Jason: Remember why you started working out in the first place. It's not a process that happens overnight —It's a journey that will be worth it.

Please visit for more information on CHF’s memberships, workout schedules and more.