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School Programs & Partnerships

Beach Cities Health District partners with local school districts in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach to create environments that support student, staff and parent health. Healthy habits developed at a young age can last a lifetime. Beach Cities Health District provides an array of programs and services that increase physical activity, improve nutrition and promote social-emotional well-being.

School District Superintendents and Liaisons:

Hermosa Beach City School District:
Pat Escalante, Superintendent
Kim Taylor
Manhattan Beach Unified School District:
Dr. Michael Matthews, Superintendent
Dr. Irene Gonzalez-Castillo
Redondo Beach Unified School District:
Dr. Steven Keller, Superintendent
Dr. Anthony Taranto

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As part of the LiveWell Kids Program, preschool and elementary age students receive LiveWell Tots and LiveWell Kids nutrition lessons. Children learn mindful eating practices, basic nutritional knowledge and the importance of consuming water and fruits and vegetables.


As part of the LiveWell Kids program, BCHD supports, maintains and delivers LiveWell Kids lessons in the gardens of all Redondo Beach elementary schools and Hermosa View elementary school. Students participate in hands-on gardening lessons about planting, composting, harvesting and mindful eating practices.

Physical Activity

Additional minutes of physical activity are incorporated into the school day during 8-Minute Morning Exercises and Classroom Activity Breaks.

Active Transportation

Students and families are encouraged to walk to school on Walking Wednesdays and the Walking School Bus.

Social-Emotional Learning

Students in elementary, middle and high school are equipped with the emotional skills that help them develop the flexibility and resilience needed to flourish through the MindUP, Second Step, High School Purpose Series and Peer-Mentoring programs.

Substance Use Prevention

Students learn essential communication and decision-making skills to help them navigate substance use in Second Step and Project ALERT, while South Bay Families Connected provides families with free resources to help their children reach their full potential.

Healthy Schools

School Wellness Councils and guidelines set forth by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation allow schools to prioritize the health and well-being of students, teachers and staff.

Student Leadership

Students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and join the Youth Advisory Council, volunteer with a BCHD volunteer program, join a BCHD committee or become a Counselor in Training at AdventurePlex.

Parent Resources

Parents are encouraged to volunteer for school programs, and access free resources and education through Beach Cities Health District’s partnership with South Bay Families Connected.