May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Loneliness affects our physical and mental health. It’s associated with heart disease, dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety, and premature death. The 2023 Gallup Well-Being Index reported that nearly 1 in 5 Beach Cities residents have little or no connection to other people, spurring on this feeling of loneliness. Beach Cities residents (and beyond) are encouraged to be proactive in caring for this important aspect of their health and wellness. In support of this effort, Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) kicked off its Free Fitness Series with Mindful Yoga on the Beach as a part of Mental Health Awareness Month.

BCHD would not be able to offer this series without the help of our wonderful event volunteers. Not only is there equipment to lug around and set up, but our volunteers help register hundreds of community members each week.

Larry Moreau is a friendly and sociable volunteer who sits at the Campus Greeter desk and is a frequent supporter of Free Fitness (among other events). “Some people say that volunteering is "giving back." It may be true for them, but that is not my case. I'm still "taking." Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and others at BCHD that I've met and worked with over the years.”

Nancy Bhatt, a dedicated and long-term volunteer, says that she loves working with BCHD because she believes in our vision and mission of community health and well-being. “Volunteering is my passion. (BCHD) meaningfully connects me with our community and allows me to be of service, giving me a natural sense of accomplishment and hopefully helping others. I am really looking forward to the Free Fitness events. As an Event Ambassador, I get to interact with all age groups and a variety of communities. I love BCHD!”

The Free Fitness program will continue this summer on Mondays starting July 8 at 6:30 with Mindful Yoga in Manhattan Beach and Zumba in the Park in Redondo Beach. Join the fun either as a volunteer or as a participant or BOTH! You can visit for more information.