Customer Service Survey
Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Thank you for your thoughts. We listened. And will continue to listen.

Takeaway #1: Easy comment submission.
Solution: A comment box has been added to the lobby.

The Center for Health & Fitness suggestion box is a great place for CHF members to express themselves directly or anonymously. There is no limit to how long a suggestion can be, and anyone can leave one. The important thing is we are giving our members the opportunity to speak directly to the powers-that-be when it comes to offering feedback. If you have a suggestion, concern or would like to praise one of our staff members, instructors or trainers, please use the suggestion box. You can be assured that the Center for Health & Fitness Staff will review each comment within 48 hours and address it in the best way possible. For added convenience, our website will have an E-Comment option in 2023. Keep an eye out!

Takeaway #2: Keep cleanliness as a priority.
Solution: Utilizing top-of-the-line disinfectant cleaning products coupled with a regimented cleaning process.

In our opinion, gym cleanliness is crucial to attracting new members and building member confidence in our commitment to your health and safety. CHF has implemented a regular disinfection process using cleaning products (that kill the COVID-19 virus) as well as adding more disinfecting wipe stations. During open hours, CHF staff will continue to clean the equipment, in addition, an outside cleaning company will deep clean each day before CHF opens and after it closes. Filters have been installed in the HVAC system throughout the facility and an air purifier was placed in the massage and locker rooms.

As a Medical Fitness Facility, we are committed to following the Medical Fitness Association guidelines as well as the guidelines set by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. We are also under the guidance of Dr. William Kim, the Chief Medical Advisor for the Beach Cities Health District.

Takeaway #3: You want a robust instructor/trainer lead group exercise offering.
Solution: Continue monitoring group exercise class capacity and services offered.

A successful group exercise or fitness program is always a work in progress. Several factors play a role, including the needs of the members, the availability of instructors/trainers, the length of the class and the availability of studio space. The Center for Health & Fitness schedule will be fluid based on the demands generated by our members, and we will continue to conduct member surveys, field suggestions from our comment box and respond to feedback as we evolve and refine our offerings. You can help us grow by completing our annual group exercise survey in November 2022.