For Young People, by Young People
Friday, April 26, 2024
Written by Catherine Wong, BCHD Communications Intern

As a teenager, I have found it difficult to find places that combine mental health support and young people successfully. Usually, the institution is decorated with Disney characters and building blocks or white walls and fluorescent lighting--there is no in-between. However, allcove mixes the two beautifully.  

Stepping into allcove Beach Cities is like a breath of fresh air. Immediately, you are exposed to various art pieces created by youth for youth. Each wall is covered (floor to ceiling) in photos, canvas paintings, sketches and drawings. Phrases like “you are loved” and “open to chat” are also scattered throughout the building, contributing to the comforting environment. Not only does allcove do an exceptional job in providing mental health support, but it also serves as a location to drop in and chill. There are tables for studying, couches for relaxing or (my personal favorite) an egg chair with surround sound, which allows you to experience music like you are at a live concert! For all you Swifties out there (trust me) allcove is the place if you want to relive The Eras Tour. 

And of course, allcove’s wonderful ambiance would not be possible without the people that work there. A special quality about the center is that every event, decoration or service that is offered was developed by young people. allcove is home to the Youth Advisory Group-- a group of 16 - 25-year-olds from various backgrounds and cultures that provide insight to the struggles and needs of the youth in the Beach Cities community. The advisors are wonderful to work with, talk to or even share a game of Connect 4 with! 

As for the fun events, allcove is here for whatever the youth desires. From crochet groups and karaoke night to wellness and mental health support groups, there is a program or service for everyone. In the midst of our struggles, it can be extremely difficult to seek out help, guidance or even peace. Luckily, allcove is open and willing to provide the help the youth deserve!