Q&A: Chefs for Seniors Brings Healthy Meals to South Bay Seniors
Thursday, June 4, 2020
Chefs for Seniors owner Shirrell Edey

Tuesday marks the first virtual social hour hosted by Beach Cities Health District! The social hour runs from 4 – 5 p.m. and will feature a cooking demo with Shirrell Edey from Chefs for Seniors and L.O.V.E. Premier Catering & Event Planning.

Register here. 

Chefs for Seniors owner Shirrell Edey, who has owned Blue Zones Project-approved L.O.V.E Premier Catering & Event Planning since 2018, prepared meals for clients of all ages in their own kitchen before the COVID-19 pandemic. Edey is a dedicated caterer and meeting and event planner with more than 10 years of experience in the field. She retired from corporate America once her mother was diagnosed with heart disease in 2017, then began her passion for cooking with a desire to care for the elderly with Chefs for Seniors in 2019.

“Chefs for Seniors is more than a meal prep. We provide affordable meals to foster better health and living. We treat clients like they are our friends and family,” says Edey. Alternately, she now provides nutritious and delicious meal preps that are delivered to your doorstep.

How has aligning with Blue Zones Project benefitted your business?

“The centenarians in the Blue Zones areas are so inspiring, says Edey. The way to reach 100 years old starts with eating. I enjoy making healthy dishes for the seniors. When my clients need to make changes to their dietary patterns, I support them and create well-balanced meals. I ensure that their weekly meals have more vegetables and healthy grains. I also have been practicing the Blue Zones Power 9 Principle Plant-Slant with my clients. I allow them to try a free dish that contains plant-based protein or ingredients high in protein, as a way to slowly introduce them to something new. It is unbelievable how many positive responses I get, she says. The number of plant-slant orders have increased.”

What creative ways have you used to evolve your menu to align with Blue Zones Project food guidelines?

“I appreciate the food guidelines. Dan Buettner’s evidence-based research on plant-slant and how it leads to a better life is not a tough sell! I align my menu to these guidelines and incorporate nutritious ingredients to my dishes. I then add natural herbs, spices and my final touches. My clients not only feel happy with the flavor, but much feel better after their meals.”

Name 3 Blue Zones inspired dishes you feature as a result of being aligned with Blue Zones Project?

Broccoli & Beyond Meatball Skewers

Broccoli florets, mushroom, beyond meat, brown or white rice, red onion

Sweet Potato Fajitas

Sweet potato, red onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, wheat tortillas

Pesto Parmesan Pasta Salad w/ Peas

Whole wheat fusilli pasta, pesto, frozen peas, extra virgin olive oil, whole wheat bow tie pasta, chopped spinach, pine nuts

How is your catering business involved or played a role in the community? (Think Blue Zones Project)

“My feet are on the ground every day. Chefs for Seniors is still up and running. I am providing healthy meals and groceries to my clients. It is tough, but amazing being an essential worker in this community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that I am making a difference and helping the seniors to keep them safe is my sole purpose. If someone needs a meal, I will not say no regardless of where they are located. “During this time, I have created a Seniors & COVID-19 Survivors in Need of Free no-contact Meal Delivery Fundraiser to procure food to prepare and provide no contact, safe meal delivery to seniors and COVID-19 survivors in the Los Angeles and South Bay areas. Under the Safe at Home Order, the vulnerable are in need and I wanted to take action and give support. Not only do I give them nutritious meals, but I provide them interactions they need from afar. We have donated over 400 meals, and it does not stop there. “

Recently, NBC4 in Los Angeles featured Chefs for Seniors: NBC Los Angeles feature: South Bay Chef Delivering Donated Meals to Seniors During Pandemic

Name of Business: Chefs for Seniors

Phone: (424) 224-9780

Website: https://chefsforseniors.com/la-south-bay

Email: shirrell.edey@chefsforseniors.com

Owner/Manager/Chef: Shirrell Edey

Type of Cuisine: Customized, nutritious meals