Meet Your AdventureCamp 2022 Camp Leads!
Tuesday, July 12, 2022

At AdventureCamp, we focus on finding the perfect fit for every staff position. Let's get to know our amazing group of camp leads for 2022. Our incredible team will engage and mentor your kids, have lots of fun, and make this summer one to remember.


Madison Misch

Hi everyone! My name Madison but you can call me (Maddie) and I'm student at the University of Oregon. My favorite camp rotation is rehearsing for Friday’s performance. My hometown is Manhattan Beach, and this is my second year at AdventurePlex. I couldn’t be more excited for another great year! In my free time I love walking my dog Murphy and going to baseball games, go Ducks!


Lydia Johnson

Hi everyone! My name is Lydia and this is my third year working with all the amazing kids at AdventurePlex Summer Camp. I am a student at the University of San Diego, but I’m from New York City. My favorite camp rotation is sports court. My fun facts are that I'm a Marvel fan (who isn't?) and I like to do paint by numbers.


Alexandra Reed

You can call me Alex, all my friends do. I’m from Torrance and I’m attending UC Davis. It’s my first year at AdventurePlex and I’m so excited to be here. I am a huge animal lover and have five cats, two dogs, and a fish. I’m also fluent in French.


Jazmin Ramos

I'm Jaz, and this is my sixth summer at AdventurePlex. I’m a veteran camp leader and I love to see how excited the campers get each year they return to camp! I graduated from California State University, Long Beach and live in Redondo Beach. The inflatables are my favorite rotation because I'm a big kid at heart. I love listening to music, rooting for the LA Dodgers, and going to Disneyland!


Antonio Valle-Lobjois

Greetings! I’m Tony and I’ve been at AdventurePlex Summer Camp for three years. Hawthorne is my hometown, and I graduated from Cal Lutheran. I enjoy getting the kids pumped up for the Friday rally and seeing the excitement on the sports court. I love sports and played basketball all four years of high school and am now a little league baseball coach.


Aaron Lawson

Hi everyone! I’m Aaron and this is my first year at AdventurePlex Summer Camp. I recently graduated from North Torrance and am going to UC Santa Cruz in the fall. I’m studying to be a plant and soil scientist. I love working with kids and can’t wait to meet you all. Make sure you ask me about my four pet chickens.


Jordan Benitez

Hi I’m Jordy! I’m originally from Connecticut, live in Redondo Beach, and go to school at Cal State Fullerton. This is my first year as a camp lead and look forward to making friends and having fun all summer long. I love performance theatre and Broadway shows. My favorite camp song is Tarzan.


Cynthia Catalan-Hernandez

Hello I’m Cece! I was born in Guatemala, moved to California when I was nine, and recently graduated from CSUDH. My favorite camp rotation is the adventure room - playing and running around with the kids. I love the bonds and friendships you create with the children and the staff. I met my best friends during camp and cherish the memories I made there. I love animals and have two rabbits and a bearded dragon.


Joseph DiMercurio

Hey everyone, I’m Joey. I’ve been at AdventurePlex for four years, and I love seeing the kids that come back each year and seeing how much they have grown! I’m from LA and attend El Camino College. I’m an avid chess player, enjoy working on and fixing up cars, and have a Rubik’s cube collection.


Jared Heard

Hi, my name is Jared and this is my fourth year working camp at AdventurePlex. I’m from Hawthorne and went to Lawndale High School where I played basketball. I have nine siblings and feel right at home with my camp family. My favorite camp rotation is the spirit rally on Friday's. I’m looking forward to another amazing summer!


Jacob Chidester

Call me Jake. I’m originally from Richmond, Virginia and couldn’t be more excited to be here and meet you all. This is my first year at AdventurePlex Summer camp, but I came to camp as a kid all the time. I play water polo and my favorite hobby is playing video games.


Kayla Williams

Hey! I’m Kayla and I’m so excited for my fourth year at AdventurePlex! I’m from Redondo Beach and attending El Camino College. My favorite camp rotation is arts and crafts and I love connecting with all the kids. I’m an actress and dancer, and at one time I had four jobs.


Delyla Santiago

Hello! I'm Delyla, but you can call me Lyla. I'm from Wilmington, California and go to Cal State Dominguez Hills to study child development. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I spent 2018 in Rome! My favorite camp rotation is arts and crafts and I enjoy having fun with the kids.


Laila Phillips

Greetings! My name is Laila, and my nickname is Lai. I'm from Hawthorne and going to Cal State Northridge. I'm back at APlex AdventureCamp for my second year. My favorite camp rotation is sports court, and I'm looking forward to playing dodgeball with the kids.


Sarah Pardo

Sare-bear is what I go by. My hometown is Torrance, California and I went to El Camino. It's been fun being at AdventurePlex for five years. There's nothing better than watching the kids get excited at their first Spirit Rally. One funny thing about me is I can crack all my joints.


Kalena Cienfuegos

Hi, I’m Lena and I’m no stranger to camp, this will be my third year at AdventurePlex Summer Camp. I’m excited to be returning to the staff at Aplex and having fun experiences with the campers all summer long. I’m a Torrance native who's going to graduate from Cal State Northridge this fall. A few fun facts about me: I have a dinosaur tattoo, love Criminal Minds, and my favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.


Alyson Johnson

I'm Aly and this is my first summer at AdventureCamp. There's a welcoming atmosphere here and I can't wait to spend the summer with all the campers. I love drawing, playing the trombone, and reading. And I’m so excited to choreograph the Spirit Rally dances.


Ariel Brandson

Hey there! My name is Ari, and I am a first-grade teacher. Originally from Torrance, I earned my master's degree at Arizona State University. I've worked summer camp at Adventure Plex for six years and have seen it all! Playing with the campers is one of my favorite things to do. Here are a few fun facts about me: I still have a baby tooth, I've hand fed a lion, and I enjoy gymnastics.


Daniel Ramos

I can be called Daniel Danger or Daniel works too. My rock-climbing record at Aplex makes me kind of a legend. My hometown is Redondo, and I attend Cal State Long Beach. I’ve been a camp lead for four years and can’t wait to get back on the sports court with all the campers. When I'm outdoors, I love hiking and I practice yoga every day.


Kyla Simon

Hi! Ky (pronounced Kai) is my nickname. I'm from Redondo Beach, California, and this is my fourth year at Aplex. My favorite camp song is 'In the Jungle', and I love meeting all the new kids. You guessed it; I love to sing. Also, I have amazing dogs that know seven tricks.


Lindsay O’Brien

My hometown is Hermosa Beach, and I attend UC Davis. As a volunteer at AdventurePlex for two years, I am looking forward to meeting all the camp leads and the kids this summer. Adventure and travel are two of my favorite things. I’m a German citizen and have traveled to seven different countries and flown an airplane. Going to the beach with my friends is my favorite thing to do when I'm not at camp.


Miliana Cienfuegos

I’m a Redondo Beach native, and please call me Milly. I enjoy participating in the arts and crafts rotation and keeping busy with the kids at camp as well. My favorite camp song is the Bumble Bee Song, and when I’m not at camp, I enjoy sleeping.


Robert Suppelsa

I’ve spent many summers attending AdventureCamp as a kid and worked as a lead the last four summers. Camp was my absolute favorite time of year. I always looked forward to going and was always bummed when I had to leave. But the lessons and memories still stick with me to this day and for that I am truly grateful. Some fun facts about me: I am left-handed, have 2 cats, wear cowboy boots, and love to golf - but I don’t wear cowboy boots when golfing. Or do I?