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Student Mental Health Provider Task Force

Beach Cities Health District convened a Student Mental Health Provider Task Force in 2018 as a part of a Beach Cities-wide effort to address student stress and substance use. The Student Mental Health Provider Task Force is made of more than 60 organizations and providers in the Beach Cities that support students and families. 

Provider service areas include:

  • Substance use prevention
  • Mental health
  • Mindfulness and social-emotional learning

The Task Force meets quarterly to offer recommendations on student health issues. Participants provide resources and services to Beach Cities students and families on topics including cancer support, mental health, grief counseling, substance use prevention, interventions and education, as well as mindfulness and social-emotional learning.

Participating providers will:

  • Be part of a Beach Cities-wide effort to address student stress and substance use
  • Offer recommendations on student health issues
  • Convene 3-4 times annually with other providers in the Beach Cities
  • Be listed as a community resource on
  • Be eligible to participate in/support school events

For questions about the Student Mental Health Provider Task Force, please contact Nicole Lunde, Youth Services Substance Use Prevention Coordinator, at

Task Force Members

Substance Use  
Alice Kuo, PhD UCLA Pediatrics
Alix Helena Politanoff Behavioral Health Services Inc.
Carol Alemeda Asian American Drug Abuse Program, Inc
Donnie W. Watson, Ph.D. Thelma McMillen Center For Alcohol & Drug Treatment/Torrance Memorial
Emily Pederson Clear Recovery Center
Gary Tsai, MD Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (SAPC)
Heather Longridge Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
Howard Barker Clear Recovery Center
Inger Hauge Center for Discovery
Jac Folkert UCLA Health
Jeanette Barreto Clear Recovery Center
Joan Stein Jenkins Beach Cities Juvenile Diversion Project
Laura McIntire South Bay Families Connected
Lissette George Behavioral Health Services
Mary Eno, MD Kaiser Permanente Addiction Medicine
Melissa Estelle Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Moe Gelbart, PhD Thelma McMillen Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment


Mental Health  
Abby Withee, LMFT  Withee Family Therapy
Albert Knapp, PsyD, BCBA-D, RPT-S Play Lab, Albert Knapp & Associates
Amanda Long Walk With Sally
Angela Wilson, LMFT South Bay Children's Health Center - South Bay Youth Project
Anna Pirkl, LMFT, LAADAC, ATR One Heart Counseling Center
Avigal Harrow 1736 Family Crisis Center
Brittany Dafesh, PsyD   Clinical Psychologist Inc
Christian Lara Insight Treatment Programs
Ericka Sazo-Gonzalez Redondo Beach Police Department
Erin Rieger, LMFT LEP        Private Practice
Eugenie Lewis, LCSW Creative Life Mapping
Evelyn Jacobson, AMFT Private Practice
Frederik Schulin Insight Treatment Programs
Gayle Dargel, LMFT Clear Recovery
Howard Mationg Del Amo Behavioral Health
Iris Knell, LCSW South Bay Children's Center
Jessica Vara, EMDR LMFT Private Practice
John Webber, LMFT    Private Practice
Kathleen Ballue Center for Discovery
Kevin Sousa, LMFT Private Practice/Jimmy Miller Foundation
LaToya Harris Redondo Beach Police Department
Leah Niehaus, LCSW Private Practice
Linda Reeves, LMFT Beach Cities LGBT Therapy
Maria Nazarian, PhD    Beach Therapy
Michelle Carlson Teenline
Monica Fyfe, LMFT  
Rebecca Stewart, LMFT, LPCC Private Practice
Robin Kusilka, LMFT Private Practice
Shauna Letvin, LCSW Shauna B. Letvin, LCSW, Inc.
Susan Swanson, PhD, LCSW The StepFamily Center
Tracie Andrews, LCSW Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Prevention Services Administration - Family & Communiy Partnerships
Tristan Coopersmith, LMFT Life Lab
Virginia Green, PhD Stillwater Group, Inc.
Vivian Credido Psychological Wellness
Whitney Boole, LMFT Beach Cities Psychotherapy


Mindfulness/Social-emotional Learning  
Danila Koverman Fusion Academy South Bay
Diana Lipson-Burge, RDN, CEDRD Private Practice Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Ellen Robbins Positive Coaching Alliance
Isabelle Royer We Power
Jennifer Wildenberg Mira Costa High School
Joanie Plake Breathe & Learn
Laurie Angress Mindful Yoga Therapy
Lucia Galante Johnson The SMART Drum
Nina Patel The Friendship Foundation
Patricia Jones PS I Love You Foundation
Racheal Wallis Social Worker/Hermosa Valley School Parent
Sarah Myers Volunteer Center

Last updated Sept. 2021