Steve Takemoto: The Path of Dedication
Monday, December 16, 2019


Though he’s only been a Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) member for 93 days and counting, recently retired Steve Takemoto has only missed coming to CHF 17 of those days.

Steve’s wife also attends CHF, and though they stick to separate workout schedules, Steve taking yoga, cycling and 20 20 20 classes, and his wife doing personal training, both can be seen around CHF almost daily.

In fact, it was CHF’s yoga offerings that intrigued Steve to try yoga for the first time. Now, he enjoys taking multiple yoga classes each week, sometimes coming to CHF a few times throughout the day to practice. He especially enjoys the sunrise and sunset classes.

“Every time I come to yoga, I learn something new,” said Steve. “I believe that my yoga and cycling are synergistic —the yoga helps me with my breathing during cycling and I’ve even been able to cut my dosage of hypertension medication.”

It’s also the social aspect of CHF that keeps Steve coming back day after day. He admits there’s a few “class clowns” in some of his workout classes that keep the sessions energizing and lighthearted. When asked what’s next for him, Steve says he’s hoping to focus on his flexibility, try some of the workout machines and make next year’s 300 club with his wife by swiping in at least 300 times. With his continued dedication, he’s well on the way to accomplish all of this and more.