5 Ways Zumba is Good for Your Health
Monday, August 20, 2018
  1. It's Heart-Healthy
    Get your heart pumping through Zumba's Latin-inspired dance moves. These fun movements provide an easy way to strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  2. A Great Way to De-Stress
    Leave it all on the dance floor, or in this case, on the dance field at Alta Vista Park! This is a great way to decompress from the Monday grind. Studies also show that exercise is effective in reducing fatigue. 
  3. It Provides a Full-Body Workout
    Head, shoulders, knees and toes—you'll use them all in this workout, which uses low-impact movements like shoulder rolls and arm movements to exercise nearly every muscle and joint in the body. 
  4. Doing Zumba Can Put You in a Better Mood
    Zumba (and exercise in general) helps your body release endorphins, a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that triggers positive feelings.
  5. It's An Easy Way to Improve Coordination
    Keeping the beat and learning new dance moves can help improve your overall coordination. Repeated practice will help you feel more comfortable moving your body—So come out to Zumba every Monday in Aug. at Alta vista Park!

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