Older Adult Program Training May 13th   
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When someone becomes a Conversation Companion, Errand Volunteer, or MoveWell Volunteer, they are matched with an older or disabled adult client who they meet with once a week for friendly visits, running errands, or in-home exercises, depending on the role. Another important component of Older Adult Program volunteer’s role is to attend Case Conferences, where volunteers meet for ongoing training and peer support.

In addition to the volunteer positions above, we are looking for special volunteers interested in working with clients who have early to moderate memory impairment in our Conversation Companion PLUS (CC+) program. CC+ visits are more activity-based to engage the mind and to socialize with clients that have a memory impairment diagnosis like dementia. These volunteers will create individualized activity plans to engage their clients. Some examples include playing games, looking through picture books, or listening to music. Conversation Companion PLUS volunteers must be especially flexible, patient, compassionate, and creative.

We will be having our next training on May 13th. Registration is required. If you are interested in becoming a Conversation Companion, Conversation Companion PLUS, Errand Volunteer, MoveWell volunteer, or know someone who is interested in joining this program, you can learn more and apply at www.bchd.org/volunteer. You may also contact Kate Ekman kate.ekman@bchd.org or 310-374.3426 x199 with questions about these opportunities.