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Walking School Bus Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my child to a designated “bus” stop?

Yes. Contact the Walking School Bus Coordinator and confirm the time of the “bus” stop before dropping your child off.

Can my kindergartner participate?

Yes. Contact the Walking School Bus Coordinator to verify that the bus will arrive at school in time for your kindergartner. If not, the volunteers might be able to adjust the “bus” schedule to accommodate your little one.

Do I have to walk with my child on the “bus”?

No. All you need to do is register your child online prior to joining the route so that the Walking School Bus volunteer knows to expect an additional child.

Does the “bus” take my child home after school?

No. Currently the Walking School Bus only takes children to school.

What happens if I am running late to the “bus” stop?

In order for the children to arrive on time to school the “bus” must stick to the schedule and needs to keep on moving. Feel free to meet the “bus” at the next stop.

How many days a week will the “bus” walk?

This depends on your route. The Walking School Bus program is volunteer-led and the “bus” routes operate based on the availability of the volunteers. Please check the route map schedules on the Walking School Bus homepage.

Do I need to let you know if my child is sick?

No. We understand that children get sick and may sometimes be absent. You only need to contact the Walking School Bus volunteer if your child will be out for an extended period of time.

Will the “bus” walk if it rains?

This depends on the Walking School Bus Coordinator and volunteers for your school. Please check with your route volunteers to find out if they walk rain or shine.

How do I know that the “bus” route is safe?

Before choosing a Walking School Bus route we review each city “Safe Routes to School” map and align our routes with those the city has selected as safe routes. These routes consider traffic patterns, existing traffic controls, and other crossing protection aids to ensure maximum safety of the walkers.

How many adults will be walking with the children?

The CDC recommends one adult per three students for children ages 4-6 and one adult per six children for older elementary students ages 7-9.

Still have questions? Contact Francis Villalpando, MPA, School Health Programs Coordinator, at for more information.