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BCHD’s Purpose programming helps students explore their purpose in life and how they can pursue these interests in and out of school. 

People with purpose live longer, have greater life satisfaction and greater functional ability. Purpose is one of the nine healthy lifestyle habits identified by the Blue Zones Project® that helps people live longer, healthier lives. For students, finding purpose is important as they discover their life goals and make career choices. The “Purpose Formula” helps identify your gifts, passions and values: Gifts + Passions + Values = Purpose.

During the Purpose Series, students:

  • Identify purposeful moments and opportunities to thrive
  • Explore natural aptitudes, values and supports in their community
  • Create a purpose statement and action plan toward leading a purposeful life

 High School Student Purpose Statements

  • My purpose is to inspire and unite others through art. 
  • My purpose is to help and empower others by making them feel loved and important, and build strong relationships along the way -
  • My purpose in life is to create things and bring joy and humor to others.
  • My purpose is to bring happiness and equality to the world
  • My purpose is to create an environment for others to express themselves. 


  • I would recommend the Purpose Series because it opens you up to see a better version of yourself. 
  • Purpose Series helped me start working at my skills and made me connect with more people. 
  • I would recommend the Purpose Series because it is helpful to young people, especially when college is right around the corner. 

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Emory Chen
Youth Services Manager

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