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Healthy Minds Initiative Update
On June 23, the BCHD Board of Directors reviewed and approved the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget, which included the recommendation to discontinue funding for the research study of the Healthy Minds Initiative. The Board concurred with the recommendation and directed staff to end the research study effective July 31, 2021.
BCHD has retained some funding in the budget for continued programming and the Board directed staff to explore a cognitive health program. As part of this exploration, BCHD will be talking with Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai.


The Sherzai's 5-step Alzheimer’s busting plan
There may still be no cure for Alzheimer’s but, with the right advice, we can be mentally active for longer, reverse the debilitating symptoms of the disease and ultimately add more happy, healthy years to our lives. Here’s how you can start.

  1. We found that eating too much meat is bad for your brain, which requires vegetables, fruit, pulses, grains and healthy fats to thrive.
  2. Physical exercise increases both the number of brain cells and the connections between them. We suggest maintaining an active lifestyle that incorporates movement every hour — not just a quick stop at the gym after an otherwise sedentary day at the office, for example.
  3. Chronic stress puts the brain in a state of high inflammation, causing structural damage and impairing its ability to clear toxins. We recommend meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and time outside.
  4. Restorative sleep is essential for health, so it’s important to aim for seven to eight hours a night.
  5. Puzzles and other complex activities protect your brain against decline. Social support and engagement with your community can also have a clear and undeniable influence on the way in which your brain ages. And activities such as playing music are great for challenging and engaging many of the brain’s capacities.