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Wellness Champion

Achieving this Recognition

How: The monthly ‘Wellness Champion’ award is for students who exemplify the healthy behaviors taught to them through various health-related programs available during the school day. These students must demonstrate that they are applying learned lessons to their daily lives and working to develop healthy habits throughout the school year. They must also act as role models by demonstrating healthy behaviors, encouraging their peers to be healthy, motivated and productive students, while exemplifying model citizenry in at least two of the following categories:

Physical Activity
Example: Actively travels to school, participates in before and/or afterschool physical activities, encourages peers to be physically active during PE class and/or recess and participates in classroom physical activity breaks.

Healthy Eating
Example: Chooses a balanced, healthy lunch (i.e. fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and dairy). Encourages classmates to make healthy choices and eat mindfully at all meals. Packs healthy snacks for afterschool activities (if applicable).

Environmental Health
Example: Packs a trash free lunch on a consistent basis. Recycles daily. Acts as a leader for trash free lunch by talking to peers about how to reduce waste. Cultivates school garden. Shows respect for his or her surroundings by keeping their school clean and green.

Social Emotional Health
Example: Develops healthy relationships with their peers at school. Demonstrates awareness of his/her emotions and expresses their feelings safely and effectively.

When: Monthly

What: Students will receive a ‘Wellness Champion’ certificate signed by their principal and Beach Cities Health District CEO, Tom Bakaly. As an additional incentive, we suggest school staff take a picture of the student and hang this on the office bulletin board for the month, and/or announce the recognition at an all-school assembly. Students may also be highlighted in BCHD communications.

Where: The principal will announce this recognition once a month at the Town Hall Meetings/Assemblies/ FLAG Ceremony (depending on your school site).