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Beach Cities Health District’s Walking School Bus program rolled into elementary schools in the Beach Cities in 2010 and has since spread to include 14 schools, 37 mile-long “bus routes” to school and hundreds of participating students. Each year, Walking School Bus participants log thousands of miles, save unnecessary car trips and burn excess calories – while also gaining valuable social connection and interaction with their peers.

How does it work? 
Two or more trained adult volunteers safely guide students and parents along designated “bus” routes to school – which are carefully selected/mapped by BCHD, school administrators, and local police for accessibility and safety.

Interested in volunteering? 
Fill out our volunteer interest form HERE. Volunteering just one hour a week can benefit you, your children and your school. Click HERE to check out our flyer if you are interested in volunteering or know someone who would enjoy walking children to school.

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Privacy Disclaimer: Any information submitted on the Walking School Bus registration forms will remain private and will only be used by the people involved in coordinating the program. 

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