Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Beach Cities Health District names new board member

by David Rosenfeld, The Beach Reporter

The Beach Cities Health District Board of Directors appointed entrepreneur and holistic health teacher Vish Chatterji to a vacant board member position until the next election in November 2018.

Chatterji fills the seat previously held by Lenore Bloss, who resigned in April because of personal reasons. 

The board opted to fill the vacancy with a short-term appointment rather than hold a special election that could cost $300,000, according to board President Dr. Michelle Bholat.

Thirty-seven applicants responded by the June 8 deadline and the board eventually narrowed the field down to five people who spoke at the board meeting on June 13. 

After answering a series of questions and making three minute speeches, the board unanimously appointed Chatterji.

"I'm inspired and awed by the number of qualified residents who applied for the position," said Bholat, in a press release. "It validates the integrity of this short-term appointment process."

Bholat said Chatterji will create balance on the board with his holistic health background and business acumen.

Chatterji holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and founded a successful tech startup in 2014. He serves on a variety of advisory boards including Chai Energy and USC Masters of Business for Veterans and also works for Head & Hearts where he coaches corporate executives and teaches holistic health practices like yoga and meditation.

"I'm honored to have been appointed to the BCHD Board of Directors and excited to serve in the stewardship of this thought-leading organization," Chatterji said according to the press release.

For more on the Beach Cities Health District visit BCHD.org.

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